Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vehicle Design

I wanted to design a seaplane as my vehicle.
My first approach towards creating the thumbs was to create silhouettes using markers to block out a shape for my vehicle.
I however chose to abandon this idea as the silhouettes that were coming out just didn’t do any justice for my plane. I was torn between making it very fantasy like or to have it a quite realistic plane. I decided to choose realism as I wanted the plane to be believable.

I took another approach and started to draw out several design ideas for wings, the front and the body of the plane. Halfway through developing these ideas however, my tutor had asked me to instead create a plane in 3DS Max and to study the perspectives.

After I blocked out the seaplane, I did some experimenting with my previous development ideas to create designs for my final design.

The final design was painted digitally as I wanted to improve my digital skills. I wanted to have a plane on a sky blue gradient background to emulate the feel of the plane in flight.
I went with the idea of my plane being used for heavy duty drilling. So I went with the drills idea being attached to the front and the wings of the plane. I wanted to have a powerful feel behind the plane so I added a fiery engine to individually power the drills of the plane.

I have a big weakness when it comes to vehicles. The advice given from my tutor was extremely helpful as not only has it bettered my understanding for planes, it also showed me that I could use 3Ds max as a learning tool for perspectives and studies (providing I build it correctly).

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