Saturday, 25 May 2013

Interior Designing

I first started out looking at the different kinds of themes that interested me at the time. I think my choice was largely influenced by the music I was litening to at the time (which was the original soundtrack to Castlevania and Fire Emblem). I chose a church/religious type interior.
I studied some interiors of churches and corridors of old castles.

From the studies I moved onto blocking out a composition using 3DS Max Studio. I wanted an angled composition to begin with but after playing around a little longer I had an idea to an much more simpler composition. I had the idea of having more than just an interior and wanted to set a mood to the painting so I add silhouettes. I added this to also hint upon the time period it was sat aas well as add more to the sinister look I had going on.

As I am still fairly a beginner at Photoshop and its tools, I had only recently found out about the filters that the program had to offer. After playing around with various ones, I took a liking to adding the mosaic filter to my painting to give it a stony effect to it to further add to the overall feel of the picture.

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