Saturday, 25 May 2013

Group Project Madness: Part 2

When moving onto the 3D side of things for our level, I had the assignment of researching into what could found within a psychiatric asylum as well as the creation of an asset list. I went to the local hospital to take notes but was unfortunately unable to take any photos within the hospital itself. I moved onto researching online by looking at images medical facilities, asylums and inventory lists.

No one wanted to include the commode chair!
With creating assets, people were able to put their name next to the asset they wished to do, along with the amount of time to complete it. Because of the structure of how our assets were assigned, most of the people in our group decided to choose the easiest objects they could. An example would be one of our members choosing a plant pot (without the plant) and to allow himself 2 weeks to finish it. We confronted him about it and he ended up shaving off one week and stating that ‘he needs to sleep’.

Our group meetings would often involve this with a particular group member... not naming names.
Our leader at the time told everyone in the group to make all the assets ‘clean’ and unbroken so that we may add decals to dirty it up later on because many assets are able to be reused through the level (such as the ventilation shaft and the fold up chairs).

As time went by however our group would end up having a lot of setbacks through many different reasons (which I won’t get into, there is far too much to talk about within a single blog post) and fall extremely far behind.

With some of the assets, many of the group members were very confused with the art direction. For example, for the reception desk, I was told by the group leader who was also the art lead at the time to just look into reception desks. I had no idea on what the level would have looked like nor did we have any concept references that we all agreed upon to work towards. I thought of perhaps making a reception desk with a barrier that comes down; unfortunately because of a lot of uncertainties, I decided to make a rather simple desk that would fit into most environments.

I chose to create the entire auditorium as the tech lead was unable to create the layout of the room with UDK; and so after a discussion with the tech lead, I took it upon myself to create the auditorium rom along with most of the key assets that go inside it.
During my time creating the auditorium, many more ideas would naturally spring to mind to the path of our level. One example would be that we could have scaled up behind the secret passage behind the wall by the white board to obtain a key and as we were climbing up, a corpse could be seen hanging just after the destination.  It was a shame however that time was running out and that any new ideas would be hard accepted at this point.
As the Auditorium was very clean and looked the same as in the original building, I wanted to explore possible ways to change to make it more interesting. I asked a few of my member s to help me out by creating blood decals and a few corpses and limbs to help with my experiment. I wanted to have the corpses littered and hanging from the hooked lights on the ceiling as well as body parts scattered.

A team of Samantha, Sophia and I went to create our own sound effects for the level. The sounds included common sounds such as door creaks, footsteps, electrical buzzes and the rustling of wrappers, etc. I wanted to have sounds that could suggest that you were not alone; as if someone else was in other rooms with the faint sounds of rustling of wrappers, clanging of metallic objects, etc. I figured that if you play as someone who is paranoid and severely schizophrenic, it would be a nice touch to have the players actually feel stalked or someone else exploring the eerie building.
To produce the sounds we used a basic microphone and a computer with a laptop with Audacity. As the quality and the inconvenience of carrying around a laptop limited our progress, I managed to get my Dictaphone working and we had used that for the rest of the sound. To record the voices within the level, we booked out a session in the recording studio.

Here are some screenshots of the assets I created in a scene I built.

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