Thursday, 23 May 2013

Creative Writing

For Creative Writing, we were told a bunch of random words and we had to write down the first things that came to our heads.
I particularly found this project to be fun as it was just so random. However for a random story, mine wasn’t so wacky.
With the words we wrote, we had to forma a sentence for each group of words.
Here is what I came up with:

The ceiling was cleaved open, freeing the musky space with the blue and the wind.

The trees leaves invaded the exposed room from the nearby woodlands scattered across the landscape.

A large space scarred the land from where a catastrophic battle took place.

Titanical battleships once surfed this great sand ocean.

Rainbow feathers can be seen drifting around the sunlit filled sky.

Suddenly a large mystical bird appeared.

As she reared up stretching her wings, a wide ray of beautiful coloured feathers flashed in front of me.

My hair lifted from the gust as soft long feather brushed against my cheeks.

When I opened my eyes, the beautiful bird had already fluttered into the distant view.

As I looked down at the patchy carpet, I noticed a faint vibration of footsteps that grew stronger.

The class of bullies had followed me into the unknown building.

Fearing the worst, I abandoned the building; dropping myself from the ledge.

As i fall Staring into the sky, I cry as the life I had lived was one of unhappiness.

As I braced to accept my final destination, I felt a soft sensation.

I open my eyes and the atmosphere fills with a familiar rainbow, casting away the emptiness of space.

Using these sentences as a guide line for my story boards, I started work on the thumbs in pencil as I wanted to get a rather fast and sketchy work flow going; as if I was trying to get some fast ideas down.
However none of my thumbs went as fast as I wanted them to.

I decided to try for an experimental final to see what I can come up with. I figured that it could be rather fun to try something different for a project that is already quite wacky and random.

My final didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. However I did still have a lot of fun playing around with quite a light-hearted final. I think I went a little over the top with the amount of feather...I should have positioned them so that they were creating a trail behind it rather than have them floating around the bird like a force field.
My final bird reminds me of a Pokémon...fml

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