Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ayami Kojima Interpretation

For this project, we were to create a piece using the influences and the styles of another artist; an interpretation of their work.
Many times for projects similar to this one, I would choose an artist that had a style which was not related in the game industry whatsoever. This time I wanted to choose someone who was renowned within the industry as it was also something different this time around for me.

Here are some of my favourite artists within the game industry that I looked into:

Yoshitaka Amano
Ayami Kojima
Yoji Shinkawa

Yoshitaka Amano is best known for his work on the early Final Fantasy series. What I like about his style is how stylised it looks and gives off a mystical and fantasy like feeling to me.

Ayami Kojima’s style has a gothic look to it that really appeals to me. In some of her pieces you can see a lot of ‘brushstroke textures’ on the images which I really like.

Yoji Shinkawa has a very inky look to his art. I love the way it feels very chaotic, yet very fluid as well. Another thing I really like is how a lot of his art blends in with canvas.

I decided to make a self-portrait in Ayami Kojima’s style and found a picture of myself where I was wearing quite appropriate clothes which were in my opinion similar to her character’s art. I created a mood board in order to get a general feel and mood of her paintings as I paint my own. I wanted to try and get some brush markings onto the painting on digital to practice some mark making techniques.

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