Sunday, 2 December 2012

Trip to Abbey Park

The day to Abbey Park was actually quite a pleasant one, the weather wasn’t that bad (to me) and I had a good time catching up with a lot of my friends about their holidays as we walked along the canal (dodging bikers on the way!)

As we got there, we walked with the lecture until we were in front of the mini café. I was hit with a barrage of memories, of when I first came here with my (then new) friends. They were in their first year and I was still in Portsmouth working and saving up to live in Leicester and take up the foundation art course there. I couldn’t help but feel emotions coming up. It’s been about 2 years or something since then.

I focused drawing some landscapes with the lake winning me over for the first thumbnail. I really liked how the grass in the front can potentially set up the foreground, setting up planes. I went on to doing another from the same side of the river bank before deciding to practice on some one and two point perspectives as I could still do with some practice on everything.
We decided to take break inside the little café. As I walked in another wave of memories flushed inside of my head of when I sat in here 2 years ago with everyone that’s gone. One particular memory came into my mind when one of my friends was small enough to sit inside the kids ride and took a photo. Definitely fun times!
Anyways, after the break, Joe and I decided to take a walk on the other side of the riverbank and check out the sights and explore a little. I drew a few more thumbs and decided to choose the other side of the river as a potential final.
Joe had told me he had a secret place that he had in mind for a final and jokingly said he show me if I didn’t steal his spot. I lol’d cos it sounded a little weird but agreed (good ol' Joe, still got you around buddy!). I was starting to get sick of foliage again by the end of this project but it was worth doing as I need to practice rendering them. The weather started getting bad as little dashes of water drops occasionally brushed my face and by the time me and Joe were leaving the park, it was heavily raining.
 The whole day would have me thinking back on good times I had with my friends and I’ll never forget them. I had a great day with everyone today and got some drawings that I was rather pleased with. Looking back at the first year I feel that my thumbs are looking a little more convincing.

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