Monday, 3 December 2012

My Trash pile

Creating the trash pile sounded a little dull to begin with but in time I actually ended up getting quite into the project. From the get go walking around inspecting trash looked a little silly but didn’t think much of it as I’m sure most of the art students have done many things that made them look like a tit! So now that that was out of the way, I researched into what kind of trash I wanted to do and wanted to do a trash pile of wrappers and random gross objects sticking out of the wall I found around the University campus. I decided against it however as it was a little small and didn’t really have much to it. 

I settled with my final idea of creating several boxes, fast food wastes and a broken cheap table. At first I wanted to fill the boxes full of bottles. However I only had about 500 tris to work with and I felt that I couldn’t quite lower the poly count on the bottle without making it look too low. I made the decision of creating just one bottle and having the scene populated with various fast food wastes.
One of the biggest mistakes I made was how I prioritised the texture space for certain assets. I definitely should’ve made the bin bag look more convincing. Another mistake I made was I positioned everything before I unwrapped them. This made it awkward to unwrap as the angles were all funny.
Because the bin bag looked quite weak, I made the tactical choice of slightly obscuring it under the table!
I had a lot of problems when I was experimenting with the lighting. When I entered day time system everything went completely dark and I was stumped on how to fix it. I couldn’t find any relevant information on how to fix it from the web so I decided to stick on a few Omni lights to light up the scene; giving it a tint of colour to the lighting.
I played around with the threepoint lighting technique to see what kind of effects I can get for the final renders

Threepoint Lighting

I have learnt a few things from the project which are to dedicate my spaces more effectively to certain assets and not to position everything before unwrapping them.

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