Monday, 9 April 2012

Environment Project - My progress

The scene I wanted to create was one of a vast desert that was once a grand ocean. A once sunken boat is one of the main focuses as well as the background. I wanted to show just how big the desert was and a ferry comparing the size with humans would give a good sense of scale to the characters.

Continuing on, I put the boat on the cliff to limit the player to the boat only, directing the player on his next chapter. By putting the ferry there, it gives a sense of scale of the size of the desert background. I feel that an RPG game that focuses very much on exploration and the game universe, was the right genre to base it on.

In this thumb I wanted to make the player want to have more than just the area they are limited to, using their imagination of what could be within the desert or beyond the horizon. As it was once a grand ocean, I thought about adding many things that could be found on the ocean bed.

I may include things such as bones from giant sea creatures or other sunken junk from the past. I will continue to experiment with other thumbs before the final.

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