Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A little about me


I'm Sam and I'm a first year student of De Montfort university's 'Game Art' course. I came to Leicester in hopes of joining the Game Art course, however I was recommended to take the Art Foundation course first.

The Foundation course was particularly interesting with the workshops that they offered to the students such as the metal workshops, ceramic workshops, plaster workshops and glass blowing workshops.
Although I enjoyed my time on the course, I felt that the course didn't really prepare students aspiring to the game art courses as I felt the some lecturers had very limited knowledge on the subject and was very biased towards their own ideas.

I've always been very interested in video game worlds and have always been side tracked from the main objectives and stories on the game, often trying to get out of the boundaries of the game world or revisiting various parts of the game. Because of it's infinite possibilities of what can be on the other side, it's one of the reasons that really gets me inspired with environmental art and such.

I am very interested in different cultures and and history, often leading to many unintended hours of researching into ancient history and what not. I love the diversity between them all and would love to create pieces from what I am able to refine and learn from this course.

Music is something I also really enjoy. I hear a lot of people saying that video game music is sad and is not real music, however I find it can be just as great or more so than non game music. I can't listen to lyrics no matter how hard I try and so I end up loving music not for the words and morals of the song, but rather on how music makes you feel through just sound and the mood it can put you through, painting a picture in your head. When I read up lyrics for a song I find it can anchor my mind and thoughts and generally make me listen to that piece in one way. This can also be the same for listening to music for a game I've played, bringing back memories of certain parts of the games.

I love travelling and exploring the cultures of other countries. Comparing the different cultures really shows you the diversity in the world. I love the feeling when travelling to a place that I have never been before and having that feeling of being alienated and having the excitement of exploration.

I aim to get into the games industry as an artist. I'm very open with what kind of artist I would like to be such as a character artist, environmental artist, 3D artist, etc. I love all forms of how I was completely immersed into the game world through the arts and dream of giving that feeling to others.

I plan on joining in and organising many portraits and life drawing sessions as I feel it is very important to build on anatomy skills and such. I'm currently partaking life drawing sessions with some 3rd and 2nd year students who are great friends and give great advice would love many fellow first years to join in and have fun!

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